About EasyUni

EasyUni is an online destination for finding your dream university or college. We help people search and compare universities, find information, and connect with the university counselors.

How EasyUni works

Consume all our updated and accurate University information with our search engine. Use our comparison tool or psychometric tests for free if you are not sure which to choose. In the end, we want to give you an online destination where you can:

  • Search for Universities, Colleges and courses.
  • Find the course you want to apply to.
  • Click / tap the "Apply now" button.

Apply with confidence

Our services are free of charge. You pay nothing for our expert advice and it comes with no obligation.

Same price – you are not paying extra fees if you use us. We don't mark up the tuition fees or any other fees by the University. So you'll pay the same as applying direct. In fact you may enjoy some fee discount if you apply via EasyUni as we do have partial scholarships set aside for our students applying to a few selected University listed on our website. Enquire at hello@easyuni.com for more information about this scholarship.

We're not owned by any University/College. We're proud to be independent and on the side of our students. We are not owned by any University or Colleges and we do not own any of the companies or brands whose products we sell.

You apply, then we advise. In EasyUni, we don't push Universities to you. You would have to decide on your own, a list of courses/Universities that best suits you. We will then guide and provide advise to you based on that list. Ultimately you decide.

How do we profit

We're a business and that means we need to make money. Universities pays us to be listed & promoted on our website. We also carry out digital marketing campaigns to promote their brand on search engines and social media. We are also sometimes paid a ‘commission' by the University for students we send their way. This commission does not increase your tuition fees.

How our advice service works

We recommend what's right for you, not what's right for us.

At EasyUni, we are much more than just an online comparison website. Comparing online is just the first step in our personalised comparison and course counseling service.

Most of our students either call or chat with us via whichever channel that is most comfortable to them, be it WhatsApp, Telegram, Online chat, Facebook messenger, Email or just plain telephone.

So how do we help you decide?

Our student counselors are trained by our University clients and they regularly go for information update sessions with them. We are also kept in the loop by the University on any new promotion, intake dates, new courses and such, so you can be assured that we have all the latest information to help you with your journey.

Who we work with

We list and compare some of the world's biggest Universities and are always adding more. You can be assured that ALL universities listed on our website are vetted for their trustworthiness and quality courses. No scam universities in EasyUni.

Protecting your privacy

We take our students privacy very seriously. We never ever share or sell our students details to anyone, ever.

All student information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If we do contact you, it will only be if you have provided us with your telephone number or email address and we need to ask you questions so we could advise you better or we think there might be some messages or services that are relevant to you.

If you do not wish to be contacted by us, there is always the unsubscribe option. Just let us know and we will take the necessary action to remove you from our list.