Frequently Asked Questions

What is this scholarship about?

EasyUni realizes that many students, while aiming to study at their dream university/college, may be unable to afford due to high tuition fees. This partial scholarship is EasyUni’s attempt at finding a solution to the problem, for all those deserving students out there.

Who awards this scholarship? EasyUni or the University?

The majority of scholarships are awarded directly by EasyUni, while others are awarded in collaboration with specific universities/colleges. For more information, chat with our counselors on Facebook Messenger

Can I bypass EasyUni and attain this scholarship directly from the university/college?

No. You may have to pay full fees if you apply direct to the university/college.

What is the financial support that I will receive for this scholarship?

The percentage of scholarship offered varies from one university/college to another, with a total of up to 30% off.

How can I be eligible for the partial scholarship?

As long as you fulfill the university or college's entry requirements, you qualify for the scholarship. However, the number of scholarships is limited. We urge you to apply on your earliest convenience!

Is this partial scholarship awarded on a per-semester basis?

If you choose to pay per semester, you will enjoy the partial scholarship for that particular semester. Meanwhile, if you pay the fees upfront for the whole year/course, your university/college will match and award the partial scholarship discount accordingly.

What does the partial scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers tuition fees only, and is not inclusive of living costs, etc. All payments are to be made directly to your chosen university/college.

Is there any contract/bond attached to this scholarship?

No. There will only be a partial scholarship agreement signed between EasyUni Sdn Bhd and you as the recipient.

If I am on this scholarship, can I still apply for financial aids such as PTPTN (for Malaysian student) or other loans (for non Malaysian students)? How would it be calculated then?

Yes, you may. Our partial scholarship amount is fixed to a % of the total tuition fee. Hence you may apply for a lower loan amount from PTPTN or any other loan providers.

What happens if I change courses/drop out/take a semester break while I’m still on the scholarship program?

Once the scholarship is awarded to you, the University/College or EasyUni will entertain no refund of tuition fees. You, however, do not have to re-pay back the awarded scholarship.

How can I apply for this scholarship?

Submit your online enquiry to EasyUni directly and we shall get back to you with the next steps including documentations requirements. You may chat with our counselor on Facebook Messenger

What are the documents required to apply for the partial scholarship?

Other than the application form:

  • Latest education result transcript
  • Copy of your passport (non-Malaysian) or I/C (Malaysian)

Can I get this scholarship to study any course and/or university/college?

No. Partial scholarship given are strictly tied to the courses and universities/colleges listed on this website.

I’ve already signed up for an eligible course before finding out about this scholarship program. Can I still apply for it?

Yes, you can if you are applying to other universities/colleges listed on this site. We will not be responsible for the fees already paid for at your previous university/college. If you are applying to the same university/college, however, we are afraid you cannot apply again.

I am a current student at a university/college listed on this site. Can I still apply for the scholarship?

No. The scholarship program applies to new students only.

How does EasyUni fund this partial scholarship?

We fund this initiative via profits generated from universities/colleges that advertise with us.